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Apex Tactical Solutions, LLC

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Apex Tactical Solutions, LLC, is a Christian based, veteran owned company committed to providing first class consulting and training across a broad spectrum of topics which center around both personal and home defense, as well as surviving an active assailant event. As we watch the threats in our society becoming more violent and unpredictable, this training and preparedness is more critical than ever.  The services and training which we provide are geared towards both seasoned protectors as well as private citizens with little, or no, experience in these areas. Apex Tactical is committed to providing an enjoyable learning environment that is safe, family friendly, and professional. 

Our Team
Doug & Traci

Doug & Traci Collier, owners and operators of Apex Tactical, are excited to begin this next phase of providing quality training and consulting to people who want to better protect themselves, their families, and their homes.  Doug, the lead instructor at Apex, spent  28+ years serving his Country, both in and out of uniform. After being commissioned as a United States Army Officer, Doug spent 5 1/2 years as a Military Police Officer, deploying to Panama, Haiti, and Kuwait. Doug left the Army to accept an appointment as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he would spend the next 23 years.  In addition to assignments in Atlanta, GA, Quantico, VA, and Columbia, SC, Doug traveled both domestically and internationally, teaching street survival courses to state, local, and federal police officers. Doug is a National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor as well as an ALERRT Instructor, certified to teach both the Level 1/2 Active Shooter Courses, as well as the Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Event (CRASE) Course. For Doug's full bio, click the link below.

Our Solutions
Doug Teaching Active Shooter Class

Presently, Apex Tactical offers personalized courses in the following instructional areas:  active assailant awareness, home defense, introduction to firearms and firearms safety, Handgun 1 (marksmanship fundamentals), Defensive Handgun (reloads, immediate action drills, drawing/shooting from concealment) as well as the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) Course.  We are pleased to announce that we are adding TASER Self-Defense products and classes to our line-up.  Doug is a Master TASER Self-Defense Instructor (Civilian) and already planning classes to begin this fall. Due to the high demand of these courses, the classes are filling very quickly.  We are currently booking approximately 4-6 weeks out. 

Please click on the "Courses" link below to see a full description of the available courses of instruction.

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