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Teenager Shooting Handgun
Intro to Firearms / Firearms Safety


($25 per person) - minimum of 8 students

This class can be selected either as a stand alone class or as an add-on to one of our other classes.  This class is designed to give the attendee an introduction to safe firearms handling, nomenclature, as well as learning about the cardinal safety rules of firearms. Also covered in this block are firearms safety/education resources, particularly designed to help children if they should ever encounter a firearm, and an in-depth discussion about various storage devices that will allow for the safe and responsible storage of firearms, both in the home and elsewhere. This class will typically be conducted with inert, non-functional training firearms, however, at the discretion of the instructor, or the request of the host, properly checked and empty firearms may be available to show attendees the various types of firearms that they may encounter.

Currently scheduled classes: 

Schedule Upon Request

Shotgun Shells
Home Defense Solutions (Level 1 / 2)

Level 1:  ($60 per person) - minimum of 8 students


This classroom based instruction is designed to give homeowners a practical, real life look at concepts and principles which will help them survive a violent encounter which occurs in their home.  This class will begin with a discussion about physical security measures (locks, lights, cameras, alarms) and move to the common construction inside of a home and the various weapons/ammunition considerations which must be taken into account. There will be static demonstrations, using inert, non-functioning training weapons, as well as a discussion about the importance of quality flashlights.  Also touched upon are in home firearms storage solutions and a review of the law as it applies to protecting your home and defending yourself against a violent attack. This class is intended to cover "general" concepts & principles.

Level 2:  (contact us for pricing)

This involves a customized, "in home" consultation which will be accomplished with the homeowner, at their residence.  Topics will include a walk around of the property, discussion of physical security issues, as well as "red team" assessment from the point of view of the intruder.  Discuss the development and implementation of a "family emergency plan", which details everyone's responsibilities in the event of an intruder.  Finally, discuss the realities of dealing with an intruder in your home, contacting law enforcement, and preparing for their arrival.

Currently Scheduled Classes:

**Scheduled Upon Request

Instructor speaking to students
Private / Semi-Private Lessons


For those interested in a smaller, more agile training environment, Apex Tactical offers both private (one on one with the Instructor) and semi-private (one instructor with between 2-5 students) lessons.  These sessions can be tailored to the needs and goals of the student.  Please click the "REGISTER" link below and request a date on the registration portal, or feel free to contact Apex Tactical directly to discuss scheduling options.

(Private Lessons - $90 / per hour / per person)

(Semi-Private Lessons - $65 / per hour / per person)

Pistol cleaning gear
Handgun Cleaning & Maintenance

($70 per person)

This class will walk the student through basic disassembly of their firearm into it's major parts (field stripped), the proper inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of these parts, and proper re-assembly and function check of the firearm.  This skillset is critical to maintaining a firearm that is mission ready and properly functioning when it is needed to protect self, home, & family.  The focus of this class is not simply to oversee the student cleaning their handgun, but to TEACH the students how to clean their handgun(s) and build on those skills in the future.  These skills will also build confidence in the actual handling & manipulation of the firearm.

The price of this course includes the following cleaning supplies, which the student will take with then at the conclusion of class:

1. Caliber specific gun cleaning kit

2. Custom gun cleaning mat

3. Brush & pick kit

4. Patches & cotton swabs

These items constitute a "basic" gun cleaning kit, which can be replenished as necessary, or built upon and expanded over time.

Also provided will be non-latex gloves.  Clear eye protection is MANDATORY for this class.

Currently Scheduled Classes:

Click on the "REGISTER" button below to sign up for this class!

USCCA Certified Instructor Logo
USCCA Instructor Certification Course




Upon successfully completing this course, you will become USCCA Certified Instructor, uniquely authorized to teach the USCCA course, Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals. This course has become the gold standard across the United States for law abiding Americans seeking to obtain their concealed carry permit. As a USCCA certified instructor, you will be trained and equipped to provide world-class instruction to students. You will have access to our world class classroom materials (including a full set of PowerPoint presentations and classroom videos). During this two-day training course, you’ll be taught by a USCCA Training Counselor on a number of valuable topics, including: The top ten instructor mistakes, and how to avoid them; teaching best practices; and running a safe live fire range. You’ll also have a chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the USCCA training material through seven short presentations to a group of your peers, as well as running a live fire range, guiding your peers through the safe completion of the USCCA course of fire. After completion of this course, you’ll not only be intimately familiar with the USCCA training methodology and materials, you’ll be a far better instructor and presenter, regardless of the topic of choice. Prior to the class, you must complete the corresponding eLearning. After passing the class, you will be sent an instructor shirt and toolkit.  The registration price includes two separate items; one is the price of the actual course itself, the other is the fee that goes directly to USCCA for which you will receive your "Instructor Toolkit". These items used to be purchased separately, however, they are now combined for a more efficient customer experience.

**Currently Scheduled Classes:

August 2-3, 2024 (Friday - Saturday)

Person Holding Shotgun
Defensive Shotgun


($100 per person)


This course is designed to provide shotgun owners the basic skills and techniques necessary to utilize either a pump or semi-automatic shotgun in a defensive 

situation, specifically a home defense situation.  This course will focus on both attributes, as well as challenges, of the modern shotgun.  There will be a strong focus on the cycle of operation, loading and reloading, as well as accessory selection and deployment considerations.  Given the number of gun owners who already have shotguns, this course will allow them to take advantage of the many benefits of this platform.  The course will begin with demonstration of safe handling, sling use, and the differences between pump and semi-auto shotguns.  Using each shooter's shotgun, we will conduct a "pattern exercise" with 00 buckshot as well as rifled slugs to determine the shotgun's specific pattern with these rounds.  After this, we will conduct numerous loading and reloading drills, focusing on the combat reloading techniques. There will also be drills conducted against steel targets which will reinforce proper techniques as well as target identification training.

Currently scheduled classes:

**Private & Semi-Private Lessons Available

South Carolina Image
SC Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) Course

($85 per person)

Apex Tactical Solutions is pleased to announce the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) Class to its lineup of available training courses.  This course consists of approximately 5-6 hours of classroom training, followed by a SLED mandated, live-fire qualification course.  The mandatory topics covered in this course are as follows:

1. The statutory and case law of South Carolina 

relating to handguns and the use of deadly force. This includes, but is not limited to, prohibited carry locations in South Carolina and the proper interaction with law enforcement officers while carrying.

2. Handgun use and safety.

3. The proper storage practices for handguns, with an emphasis on storage practices that reduce the possibility of accidental injury to a child.

4. Properly securing a firearm in a holster.

5. "Cocked and Locked" carrying of a firearm.

6. How to respond to a person who attempts to take your firearm from your holster.

7. Deescalation techniques and strategies.

8. The actual firing of a handgun in the presence of the Instructor.

The demand for these CWP courses is extremely high, so make sure to register as soon as you find one that fits your schedule.

Currently Scheduled Classes:

**February 10, 2024  (Saturday)  8am - 5pm

**March 30, 2024 (Saturday) 8am - 5pm

**May 18, 2024 (Saturday) 8am - 5pm

**October 26, 2024 (Saturday) 8am - 5pm

Click on the "REGISTER" button below to sign up!


Gun & Target
Handgun 1

($90 per person)

This course is designed for both the new shooter and the shooter who is looking to improve their fundamental marksmanship by building on the basics. This 2 hour course will consist of the following core topics:  philosophy of handgun shooting, mindset, safety considerations when shooting a handgun, range safety protocols, discussion & demonstration of the 7 fundamentals of marksmanship, proper wear of the firearm and related gear, and drills intended to reinforce those topics covered in the classroom. The goal of this course is to increase the shooter's confidence and proficiency in safely handling and competently operating a handgun.  This course is HIGHLY recommended for anyone considering pursuing a SC Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP).

Currently scheduled classes:

**Scheduled Upon Request

Click the "REGISTER" button below to sign up for one of these classes.

Demonstrating Reload
Defensive Handgun

($100 per person)

This is an advanced level course designed to push shooters to the next level of proficiency with their handguns, specifically focusing on deploying and using their firearm in a defensive shooting situation.  Drills will focus on combat reloads, proper utilization of cover, addressing multiple targets, position shooting, and shooting from concealment.  Attendance at this course assumes that the shooter is already highly familiar with the fundamentals of firearms, marksmanship, and safe gun handling.  If you are not at this point in your firearms training journey, I highly recommend that you attend our Handgun 1 class.  This is NOT a beginner's shooting class.  There will be dynamic, live-fire drills being run, shooting from a number of positions (prone, kneeling, behind cover, etc.), which will necessitate getting on the ground, etc. Shooters MUST have a concealment holster w/ at least 3 mags and at least one magazine pouch.  Eye protection and hard, over-ear protection is also required.

Currently Scheduled Classes:

Click on the "REGISTER" button below to sign up for this class!

FBI SWAT photo
Active Assailant Awareness


(Contact us for pricing)


This class is designed to provide the attendees with an in-depth look at the concepts and principles which will greatly increase their survivability in the event of an active assailant event.  This presentation is primarily intended for either houses of worship, schools and businesses, however, private citizens would also greatly benefit from this information.This presentation is a single session, divided into three general parts. Part 1 is a discussion about the evolution of law enforcement response and tactics involving an active assailant event.  Part 2 is a look into who is the active assailant, as well as indicators that can be used to identify and potentially intercept this person before they escalate to an attack of targeted violence.  This section also provides statistical data that can be used to inform about the life cycle of an active assailant attack.  Part 3 discusses what a person who is present during an attack can do to greatly increase their chances of survival.  Also discussed are what to expect when law enforcement arrives on scene and a practical discussion of concealed weapons considerations.  

Brother's Keeper Training Group
This is a closed group.  Registration is by invitation only.
Real Estate Agent Image
Real Estate Agent Safety Class




In a society of increasing violence, one of our most overlooked professions is that of Real Estate.  Every day, Realtors find themselves in situations of either showing properties, to hosting open houses to countless other scenarios where they could find themselves at a higher risk of victimization. This training will include a presentation which covers:


Why are realtors at risk?

Situational awareness and how be better manage threats both before & during showings

How stress affects the body, specifically in response to a threat to our safety

Developing the proper survival mindset & defensive strategies

Defensive options and how to incorporate the legal use of force into a defensive mindset. 

This training will provide real estate professionals with the tools they need to minimize their risk of being a victim while instilling the mindset to allow them to work confidently across a spectrum of different situations.

Introduction to TASER Self-Defense Class




First, let's dispel some myths:


Myth#1:  I have to be exposed to a TASER device (Riding the Lightning) in order to be able to carry one.

Fact:  Not only is there NO requirement for civilian students to be exposed to the TASER, it is specifically forbidden in these classes.

Myth #2:  I need a special license to carry a TASER Self-Defense device.

Fact: Since TASER Self-Defense devices are NOT classified as firearms, there are no special licenses or registrations necessary to legally carry one. It is important to know your state/local regulations concerning TASERS.

This class is designed to provide an overview and introduction to TASER Self-Defense products and the technology that is involved with "energy weapons". There will be an overview of the TASER technology, differences in law enforcement & civilian models, discussion of legal considerations with a TASER Self-Defense weapon, as well as various models that are available and features offered in each model. This class will also include an Instructor led demonstration of a TASER deployment into a conductive target.  The purpose of this class is to introduce students to both the capabilities and model offerings within the TASER Self-Defense line of products.  Students will also be given a code for substantial savings if they choose to purchase a TASER product.

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