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Adopting a Survival Mindset

Probably the most important thing to consider when preparing to engage in any type of conflict, but PARTICULARLY armed conflict, is ensuring that you have the proper mental outlook, or "mindset". At Quantico, we used to preach to the trainees that there is 1. a "skillset" - having the tools and training that you need to survive 2. a "mindset" - having the proper mental perspective to know that you are prepared to fight through the threat 3. a "will-set" - having the courage to take mind & skill and step into the arena. It is simply NOT enough to be a great shot and have the best target and leave the range feeling confident in your skills if you know you are not WILLING to take those skills and get into the fight. With regards to the personal, defensive carrying of a firearm, it boils down to this; until you are certain that you will be able to pick up the weapon that you have trained with (and become proficient with), point it at another human being, who (by their actions and decisions) is placing you or someone else in imminent fear of death or serious physical injury, and then press the trigger to the rear and allow the firearm to do what it was designed to do.........then you should NOT plan to carry that firearm for "self-defense". If you are interested in talking through (and training through) that obstacle, please reach out to us and let's set up a training session. Remember - there are only two types of people involved in a violent encounter: victims and SURVIVORS! Be the Survivor. I was teaching a street survival school down in Trinidad & Tobago and one of the officers said, "the next day (after the event) you want to READ the story, not BE the story". Amen to that!

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